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Green Solutions

Did You Know?

  • Plastic bag production requires 40% less energy than paper bags. It results in 80 percent less solid waste and 94% less water-borne waste, as well as 70% less air pollution.
  • Roughly 80% of the U.S. population–nearly 200 million people–have access to a plastics recycling program.

Pitt Plastics is proud to introduce Green Solutions, an assortment of products which are tailored with conservation and recycling in mind. 

These products include:

  • Bio•Star: Our new compostable bag.
  • Eco-Strong: Manufactured using up to 70% of both internally recycled virgin resins and high quality post-consumer resin.
  • Performance HD: Our source reduction bag which performs on a level equivalent to traditional gauges and microns.
  • Recycling Bags: Perfect for your recyclables, these liners are blue in color and clearly printed with the recycling symbol to differentiate them from regular trash.

Informational Resources

Green Solutions Products
BioStar Logo “BioStar liners are completely compostable and meet ASTM D6400 specifications for compostable plastics” 
The use of Bio-Star can liners helps reduce landfill waste, and reduces pollution and conserves water and other resources used in the management of waste sites. click for product information...

EcoStrongLogo “formulated from a blend of our own recycled virgin resin and the highest quality post-consumer resin”
Eco•Strong is a reasonably priced, environmentally responsible product. click for product information...

Perfomance HD Logo “meeting the challenge of source reduction with cost-efficient resins and SKU reduction”
Unique vacuum-packaging requires less energy to make and produces fewer pollutants. click for more details...